s’assoir – French verb conjugated

s'assoir, to sit down - French Verb Conjugated

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Je suis fatigué. Il faut que je m’assoie.

S'ASSOIR – Verbe Conjugué – French verb conjugated – How is this verb conjugated? What does it sound like?

Note: s’assoir is the new spelling of old ‘s’asseoir’. It also has a second conjugated form: je m’assois or je m’assieds, the latter being more literary. Similar verbs to ‘s’assoir’ – to sit down are assoir – to sit someone else down and rassoir –to sit again, and se rassoir – to sit oneself down again.

S’ASS- is the root of the verb

-OIR is the ending of the verb

Indicatif - Indicative Mode .... statements

présent .... present tense

je m’assois .... I sit down*

je ne m’assois pas .... I’m not sitting down

je m’assois .... I sit down

tu t’assois .... you sit down

elle s’assoit .... she sits down

il s’assoit .... he/it sits down

on s’assoit .... we sit down

nous nous assoyons .... we sit down

vous vous assoyez .... you sit down

elles s’assoient .... they sit down

ils s’assoient .... they sit down

*also I’m sitting down…

imparfait .... imperfect

je m’assoyais .... I used to sit down*

je ne m’assoyais pas .... I wasn’t sitting down

je m’assoyais .... I used to sit down

tu t’assoyais .... you used to sit down

elle s’assoyait .... she used to sit down

il s’assoyait .... he/it used to sit down

on s’assoyait .... we used to sit down

nous nous assoyions .... we used to sit down

vous vous assoyiez .... you used to sit down

elles s’assoyaient .... they used to sit down

ils s’assoyaient .... they used to sit down

*also I was sitting down, I would sit down…

passé composé .... preterit or present perfect

je me suis assis/e .... I sat down*

je ne me suis pas assis/e .... I didn’t sit down

je me suis assis/e .... I sat down

tu t’es assis/e .... you sat down

elle s’est assise .... she sat down

il s’est assis .... he/it sat down

on s’est assis/es .... we sat down

nous nous sommes assis/es .... we sat down

vous vous êtes assis/es .... you sat down

elles se sont assises .... they sat down

ils se sont assis .... they sat down

* also I have sat down…

futur simple .... future tense

je m’assoirai .... I will sit down

je ne m’assoirai pas .... I won’t sit down

je m’assoirai .... I will sit down

tu t’assoiras .... you will sit down

elle s’assoira .... she will sit down

il s’assoira .... he/it will sit down

on s’assoira .... we will sit down

nous nous assoirons .... we will sit down

vous vous assoirez .... you will sit down

elles s’assoiront .... they will sit down

ils s’assoiront .... they will sit down

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2 comments to s’assoir – French verb conjugated


    Bonjour Anne,

    Mais il manque une deuxième forme de conjuguer le verbe s’asseoir 😀

    Present Future Imperfect Present participle
    j’ assieds assiérai asseyais asseyant
    tu assieds assiéras asseyais
    il assied assiéra asseyait Passé composé
    nous asseyons assiérons asseyions Auxiliary verb avoir*
    vous asseyez assiérez asseyiez Past participle assis
    ils asseyent

  • Oui, merci Arthur



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