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Pronunciation Initial Consonants at FrenchHour

Pronunciation Initial Consonants. French and English consonants at the beginning of a word. Learn French at FrenchHOur.com

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Beginner's Podcast:: Today's French

Combination of Letters – Today’s French at FrenchHour

Combination of Letters. Combinaison de lettres en français. Week 3 of FrenchHour’s French 1 course. French words don’t always look the way they sound. They may combine letters to make a new sound. Let’s go over the 25 most common ones here.

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Beginner's Podcast

La maison de France et Henri – Today’s French at FrenchHour

France and Henri’s House – Learn how to talk about your house in French – Learn French with Anne, a native speaker at FrenchHour.com

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English Words in French – Today’s French at FrenchHour

English Words in French Mots anglais en français Semaine 1 Who says French is hard to learn? There are tons of English words used in the French language – with a French accent, of course. Here is a list and practice of some that I hear often in French. FrenchHour

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