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Anne Guével, founder of FRENCH ETC. was born in Brittany, France. She lives just for teaching languages. She's passionate about it. She started going online in 2006 when her Chinese students asked her to record audio files so they could remember how to pronounce Chinese words from one lesson to the next. She needed to send the audio files quickly and thought of online. She loved the challenge of finding a new way to help her students. It worked really well for all and she had opened up a whole new world that lead her to FRENCH ETC. when she came back to California where she now lives.

 Anne's teaching

She studied in France and in the USA and holds a Master’s Degree in Teaching Languages from School for International Training, World Learning in Brattleboro, VT. She has taught French, Spanish, ESOL and Chinese in China, Europe and the USA. She founded and ran a French language-immersion school for foreigners in France. She also ran the school of the Alliance Française in Santa Rosa, California. She has lived in France, the U.S, China, and Spain, teaching all levels of language classes. She has also lead trips to Francophone countries for adults and as well as for teens and children. She's also produced a TV program where she taught French to beginners.

Anne’s Teaching Philosophy

Here is what Anne has to say about her teaching.

“I stumbled into teaching more than twenty years ago, as I was offered a position in China. I did not realize then that teaching would become a mission for me. Although my teaching has changed over the years with the rise of technology, my teaching philosophy has remained the same throughout the years.

I believe that education comes with the stimulation of students’ strengths. This is why my classes are student-centered, using their knowledge and experience as a springboard for learning, giving them a real sense of ownership over the language.

I believe in hard work and I will not let any of my students fall through the crack. I am constantly thinking of a new slant on a grammar point or a vocabulary list so as to constantly motivate my students.

I believe in the uniqueness of everyone. I use many different techniques so that all kinds of students’ intelligences, skills and time constraints are addressed.

I believe that learning a language is a long journey. Students might get discouraged during their learning experience. I am a good listener and I am able to recognize students’ state of mind. I am flexible enough in my curricula to change gears and start over again with a fresh attitude.

I believe that learning is FUN. Students are the only ones to know what’s fun for them. I make sure I find creative ways to present the language so they are entertained throughout their learning experience with me. That can be done with games during a lesson of course, but also with exercises that could otherwise be misunderstood as ‘dull’. This is why a student of mine might laugh out loud during a conjugation drill or a dictation exercise in my classroom. I believe a good teacher is able to accomplish that.”


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