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A really  great way to boost your French is to be a member and take a tutorial with a native speaker who is also an experienced language coach. Read FRENCH ETC. students’ and members comments below.

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20 comments to Learning French at FRENCH ETC.

  • Cameron McKenzie

    I am taking a break from my classes at AF and getting back to frenchetc.org; I realize how much more suited the structure of the podcasts and worksheets are for me to comprehend and learn the French language, and I also appreciate the additions of songs and videos. Thanks to all at FRENCH ETC!

  • Merci, Anne!! I have studied French with Rosetta Stone, Berlitz, and the Alliance Francaise and Anne is by far the best teacher with the best process of any. You learn very practical French in a supportive and fun way and she has fantastic tools to augment the lessons. I really look forward to my weekly lessons; each one is custom designed for where I am and what I need. Anne is very creative in using different learning methodologies with a focus on getting you to speak the language. When there’s an important grammar rule she explains it in a clear way with lots of examples. She’s a fantastic teacher … and her teaching is totally current unlike most French text and workbooks.

  • Bill Reith

    I have studied French for ten months. Most has been on my own, using Rosetta Stone, various audio sources, and various grammar texts. The most intensive was two days of Immersion French at a local Alliance Francaise. Personal instruction from Anne has included the best of all of these techniques, and none of the downsides. I get personal attention without having to get the words exactly right, right now; I get suggestions when I need them, but I can take the time to try to get the phrases out myself; I get gentle pointers supplied in a supportive manner. Along the way, I get insights into the French and the French culture. In two sessions, I’ve begun to develop a sense of confidence that I haven’t had in ten months of study. I can feel it starting to come together. (And that’s just from the personal classes — the podcasts and worksheets offered to site members are ALONE worth the membership – easily the best basic and intermediate French language podcasts I’ve seen.) I’m glad I used those other sources, because now I see just how good this website and this instructor are. Very highly recommended.

  • Thea Granath

    I studied french with Anne for almost 2 years. She is an exceptional teacher with so many tools that make learning french clear and easy. Any question you have can be answered with one of her organized and concise worksheets. Anne is skilled at teaching from beginning to advanced students. I have tried a few french study programs including classes at my high school and rosetta stone, and I can honestly say that Anne’s lessons were far superior to both of those. She is a lovely person and a patient teacher. I highly recommend both her online and “in-person” classes.

  • Lillian Franklin

    Hello Anne,

    I just want to say THANK YOU!! Your website, podcasts and material are WAY more helpful than any other resource I’ve seen and I’ve tried MANY materials for teaching myself french, including Rosetta, Tell Me More, etc.

    I love the way the podcast is set up, how you introduce and explain just the right things and then play the whole conversation very slowly which is SO helpful for someone who has so little comprehension speed.

    The worksheets are very thorough and helpful as well. Thank you so much.

  • Janice Leiser

    I have been taking classes with Anne for 5 years and, it has not only been a great learning experience, it has actually been fun. Anne’s methods are way more interesting than French in college and she makes a lot more sense and I know that, if I put the time in, I can really make progress. She seems to have a work sheet on almost everything I have difficulty with and continues to add to them everyday. French etc just keeps getting better and better. Thanks Anne.


    Anne is the best French language teacher who I have ever met. She is very professional. Her lessons are worth every penny. If you are serious about learning French, don’t look no further. She is a real gem.

  • Laura Osipova

    Dear Anne!

    I am very glad I am learning French with you! Your courses are very valuable and useful material. All I must do now just to learn it properly(!)I shall work and try hard! Merci, Anne.

  • Jo

    I love the variety and depth of material on this site. The best thing, though, is being able to listen to the way French people actually speak, even though it is a bit daunting for learners.

    Thanks Anne! Jo

  • Jay

    I always enjoy my classes with Skype tutorials with Anne, she really understands how to teach French to a native English speaker. Her learning materials on the Frenchetc.org site are spot on, and she is very patient and understanding when pointing out the many mistakes an English speaker will make when trying to ‘translate’ on-the-fly into French.

    Merci madame le prof! Je profite bien de votre leçons et notre conversation chaque semaine. J’ai beaucoup appris grace a vous 🙂

  • Ritsuko

    Thank you Anne for your lessens!

    I have been learning French with Anne for 3 months with Skype to get used to French before I go to the country. I enjoyed her lessons and made a progress. She is intelligent, can cover any subjects to talk about and very patient. I understood my weak points and how to study from now on.
    I appreciate her lessons.

  • maria

    I’m not as yet a full member but I can honestly say that she’s a very competent teacher who is able to transmit actual meanings and senses in a very softly manner. Her voice is so gentle and clear. I love the site! Salut!

  • katie rosson

    I just attended a full week immersion program with Anne at the farm in Thourie. It was am amazing experience. Not only is Anne an exceptional teacher, she is a wonderful guide for all of Bretagne. She put her heart and soul into the program and her love for the culture and language is profound and infectious. I came away with a renewed desire to improve my French language skills as well as a wonderful memories of the trip. Her patient and flexible approach to the course made it easy for all. Her sense of fun and enthusiasm are a natural gift and I strongly recommend this program to anyone with an interest in a unique and very personal approach to French language and cultural immersion.

    Merci Anne!!

  • ChristineHogan

    I have been learning French with Anne via Skype for around four years and I must say that Anne is an exceptional teacher with an endless array of material and tools to keep me motivated. Whilst the focus of my lessons is conversation, we also cover the other language disciplines as well. The lessons are tailored for me with specific exercises to address my weaknesses. I go to France every year and have very little difficulty understanding my friends speak even when in a group and speaking ‘every day’ French – I know that this is 100% a result of my lessons with Anne. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

    Merci Anne, à mardi !

  • Jeana Hurst

    Just got back from a wonderful total immersion class with Anne. A group of us have taken 5 years of classes from Anne and have really made progress. She is a patient, intelligent and fun teacher. The total immersion class held at her family farm in Brittany was fabulous. We stayed at the farm, took classes in the morning, excursions around Brittany in the afternoons, and then cooked meals for our group that were regional favorites. Check out her Pinterest boards to see what a great time we had in Brittany. Her family farm was comfortable as well as beautiful. She has an ability to teach a group with varying skill levels, so don’t be afraid to take her immersion class.

  • bill

    The course is intense and provocative. Saw many off-the-beaten-path things. Made great progress very quickly. Well worth the time and effort.

  • Yvonne Schmerlaib

    French immersion with Anne in Thourie was great! The activities were varied, challenging and enjoyable. I loved the excursions with little tests along the way. Anne has boundless energy and a passion for the language and culture that comes through in her teaching. She is thorough, well prepared and adjusts her teaching methods to the needs of the students. With her patience and encouragement I achieved my goal of gaining confidence in speaking French. Anne’s group management skills are formidable! I admired the way she organized all our class activities, cooking sessions and excursions. She was able to get us all working together in a very short time. I met some lovely people and learned a lot of French. Thank you Anne for taking care of us and thank you for working so hard to make our time in Thourie so much fun.

  • Richard Hubbard

    I’ve been studying French with Anne for a few years now. She is an excellent teacher and a very hard worker. Anne will tailor the lessons to the areas of your interest. That may be grammar, vocabulary, translations, oral communication, pronunciation, etc. I like that she finds ways to review language topics using articles and videos on subjects that you are interested in. Cooking, hiking, and the arts for example. As you converse with Anne, she is always on the alert for improvement areas. If you are post college and still desire to further your understanding of French, the next best thing to living in France is taking lessons with Anne.

  • Greg Holmes

    I have been studying French with Anne for four months, with the primary goal of taking the DELF examination in December, as well as the overriding object of mastering the language.
    As well as being a native French speaker (something I consider essential), Anne has a unique ability to convey and explain complex grammatical concepts in concise and easily understandable terms.
    For example, her explanation of pronominal verbs was quite simply the best I have ever heard.
    This is without doubt the place to go to be the best you can be in perfecting your speaking and comprehension of the French language.

  • Colin Gardner

    Hi Anne
    Haven’t been able to get on your site too much these last few weeks due to that horrible 4-letter word WORK, but it was really nice to see some material about recent events going on in France such as COP and Bataclan, dreadful as the latter topic is.

    I love using your colloquialisms and slang expressions on my French friends who are always sooooo curious where I pick them up from!

    Keep up the good work and hope your German is progressing ok-it would be so good to have a German (or any other language!) version of French ETC….




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