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Biking Verbs – On s’fait Conjuguer

Biking verbs. On s’fait Conjuguer. Verbes pour le Vélo – Let’s Get Conjugated. Learn the most effective way to learn and remember French conjugations at FrenchHour.com

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English Words in French – Today’s French at FrenchHour

English Words in French Mots anglais en français Semaine 1 Who says French is hard to learn? There are tons of English words used in the French language – with a French accent, of course. Here is a list and practice of some that I hear often in French. FrenchHour

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it makes, etc.

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A CAUSE DE vs. PARCE QUE – French practice

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aimer – to love or to like

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Vivre, habiter and demeurer all mean ‘to live’

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