SORTIR, to go out, to leave – French verb conjugated

SORTIR - French verb conjugated

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Je ne sors pas quand il fait très froid dehors.

How is SORTIR conjugated? What does it sound like? Listen to native speaker Anne

SORT- is the root of the verb

-IR is the ending of the verb

Indicatif - Indicative Mode .... statements

présent .... present tense

je sors .... I go out*

je ne sors pas .... I’m not going out

je sors .... I go out

tu sors .... you go out

elle sort .... she goes out

il sort .... he/it goes out

on sort .... we go out

nous sortons .... we go out

vous sortez .... your go out

elles sortent .... they go out

ils sortent .... they go out

*also I’m going out…

imparfait .... imperfect

je sortais .... I used to go out*

je ne sortais pas .... I wasn’t going out

je sortais .... I used to go out

tu sortais .... you used to go out

elle sortait .... she used to go out

il sortait .... he/it used to go out

on sortait .... we used to go out

nous sortions .... we used to go out

vous sortiez .... you used to go out

elles sortaient .... they used to go out

ils sortaient .... they used to go out

*also I was going out, I would go out…

passé composé .... preterit or present perfect

je suis sorti/e .... I went out*

je ne suis pas sorti/e .... I didn’t go out

je suis sorti/e .... I went out

tu es sorti/e .... you went out

elle est sortie .... she went out

il est sorti .... he/it went out

on est sorti/s/es .... we went out

nous sommes sortis/es .... we went out

vous êtes sortis/es .... you went out

elles sont sorties .... they went out

ils sont sortis .... they went out

*also I have gone out…

futur simple .... future tense

je sortirai .... I will go out

je ne sortirai pas .... I won’t go out

je sortirai .... I will go out

tu sortiras .... you will go out

elle sortira .... she will go out

il sortira .... he/it will go out

on sortira .... we will go out

nous sortirons .... we will go out

vous sortirez .... you will go out

elles sortiront .... they will go out

ils sortiront .... they will go out


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Note: SORTIR also means ‘to leave’. SORTIR AVEC means ‘to go out with’. SORTIR DE means ‘to exit’.

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