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french verb groups

Ils aiment être à la campagne pour se divertir.

 French verb group

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Have you heard of the French verb group? What group is my French verb?

Somehow, I’m not into ‘verb groups’. I find French verbs to be so out there, that it doesn’t make sense to try to make sense out of them. However, a lot of grammar books talk about the group of a French verb, so here it’s how it works.

In English, the infinitive form in English always uses ‘to’: to speak.

In French, it is at the end of the verb that you see the mark of the infinitive form. It has one of the following endings.

To know the group of a French verb, you need to look at its ending and to know how it’s conjugated – in the case of an –IR verb.

verbes du 1ier groupe verbes du 2ième groupe verbes du 3ième groupe
–ER verbs, except for ALLER –IR verbs, those –IR verbs that happen to have a past participle in  -I and a present participle in -ISSANT -IR verbs, those –IR verbs that do NOT happen to have a past participle in –I and a present participle in –ISSANT
    –OIR verbs,
    –RE verbs, and ALLER

Quelques verbes en exemple

verbes du 1ier groupe verbes du 2ième groupe verbes du 3ième groupe
acheter – to buy agir – to act accueillir – to welcome
aimer – to like/love arrondir – to round admettre – to admit
chanter – to sing blanchir – to blanch apprendre – to learn
commencer – to start chérir – to cherish asseoir – to sit
donner – to give compatir – to sympathize avoir – to have
envoyer – to send divertir – to entertain cueillir – to pick
espérer – to hope établir – to establish écrire – to write
essayer – to try farcir – to stuff être – to be
jeter – to throw garnir – to fill, to decorate faire – to make, to do
manger – to eat nourrir – to feed offrir – to offer
mener – to lead rafraîchir – to refresh ouvrir – to open
parler – to speak refroidir – to cool prendre – to take
payer – to pay réunir – to gather produire – to produce
préférer – to prefer saisir – to grasp tenir – to hold
rouler – to drive, to roll unir – to unit, to join vendre – to sell


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