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Argot – French Slang

List of French slang

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The French are very attached to slang, a language full of imagery they use on a daily basis. The Académie Française would love to regulate it, but it doesn’t really work. Languages evolve. With the arrival of a lot of people from North Africa, their lexicon enriched French as well. In the eighties, Verlan seeped in through the streets with the youth. It’s a bit outdated now for young people to use, but many Verlan words are now used in everyday French. And English words are perspiring nowadays.

A lot of those slang French words are really appropriate in most contexts. And that’s the list we’re working on today. I have also compiled other lists you can see at the bottom of this page, some of which I can’t be responsible for if you find yourself in a delicate situation using them.

You want to sound really French ? Check out this list of French slang, yet really okay to use with friends. They are the French slang words I hear more often.

  1. ø .... assurer .... to manage
  2. ø .... avoir les jetons .... to be scared
  3. ø .... bachoter .... to study (for an exam)
  4. f .... baffe .... whop, slap
  5. f .... bagnole .... ride, car
  6. m/f .... balaise .... great or difficult
  7. ø .... baliser .... to be scared
  8. f .... baraque .... dig, house
  9. f .... baston .... fight
  10. f .... bécane .... motorcycle, bike, computer
  11. f .... bicoque .... funky house
  12. m .... blanc .... white wine
  13. m .... bobard .... lie
  14. m/f .... borné/e .... stubborn
  15. ø .... bosser .... to work
  16. m .... bottin .... phone book
  17. m .... boulot .... job, work
  18. ø .... c’est le pied .... it’s great
  19. m .... cafard .... blues
  20. f .... came(lote) .... junk quality, illegal drug

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1 comment to Argot – French Slang

  • Alexandra was asking about French slang.
    I would really love to know some French slang.
    Random slang.
    What are the people saying? What has been added to the general usage?
    What is the Ministry for Language and Culture up in arms about? 🙂
    Thanks for your time, enthusiastic newsletters and consideration of the above.
    I hope this post answers your questions. Let me know.


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