Swearing in French

Swearing in French


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Swearing in French. What are French swear words?

Edith Piaf did it, Sarkozy too. The French you learn in the classroom is not the same as the French you'll hear on the street or in the movies. Swearing is very much part of every day French. These words come out as really offensive in English, and may be pretty common in French. From Edith Piaf to the French President, pretty much everybody swears. Click on the link and watch the video below of President Sarkozy’s outburst “Casse-toi, pauvre con” – fuck off, loser - at an official function to see for yourself.

Here are 15 common “gros mots” swear words or expressions. The blue ones are okay - at least they are common - in French, even if the English translation seems offensive. Use the red ones only when you are really angry; they are very offensive.


15 common swear words and expressions used in French

  • (ça) fait chier -- it’s annoying
  • c’est con -- It’s too bad
  • c’est le bordel -- it’s a mess
  • casse-toi -- fuck off
  • con (m), conne (f) – loser, jerk, bitch
  • emmerdant, emmerdante -- annoying
  • enculé (m), enculée (f) -- asshole
  • foutre -- to fucking do
  • je suis foutu, foutue -- I’m screwed
  • merde -- shit
  • putain -- fuck
  • salop (m), salope (f)  -- bastard, bitch
  • ta gueule -- shut the fuck up
  • va te faire enculer -- go and fuck yourself
  • zut -- darn

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Watch the video of President Sarkozy swearing “Casse-toi, pauvre con”.

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