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French Negative Sentences – Practice

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Elles n’ont pas mangé. Moi, non plus.

French Negative Sentences

See how the negative structure in French here.


Listen to these negative French sentences. Then translate the into English and rewrite them in French. Check your answers here.


  1. Il n’a pas de portable.
  2. Elles n’ont pas mangé. Moi, non plus.
  3. Je ne veux pas y aller.
  4. On n’y va jamais.
  5. Tu n’es plus à Paris.
  6. On ne le verra plus jamais.
  7. On n’a rien à perdre.


  1. He doesn’t have a cell phone.
  2. They didn’t eat. Me either.
  3. I don’t want to go (there[1]).
  4. We aren’t ever going.
  5. You aren’t in Paris anymore.
  6. We won’t see it ever anymore.
  7. We have nothing to lose.

Continue with more examples here

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