Negative sentences – 3

Using a negative structure at the beginning of a sentence works in French just like in English. It emphasizes the negative aspect. Often, the subject is understood, not visible.

1.    (Il n’y a) Plus de problème. → (There is) No more problem.

2.    Jamais je ne parle anglais. → Never do I speak English. I never speak English.

3.    Rien ne va plus. → Nothing goes well anymore.

4.    Personne ne l’aime. → Nobody likes it.

5.    Nul/le [1] ne vit à Paris sans l’aimer. → No one lives to Paris without loving it.

6.    Aucun [2] risque d’oublier les billets, ils sont avec les clés. → No way we could forget the tickets, they are with the keys.


Translate the following sentences into English

Rien ne va bien aujourd’hui. Nothing goes well today.
Plus d’essence dans la voiture. No more gas in the car.
Jamais je ne t’oublierai. Never will I forget you.
Personne n’y va. No one goes there.
Nul ne le pense. Nobody thinks it.
Aucune chance de réussir. No chance of success.
Personne ne s’habille bien pour l’opéra. No one gets dressed up for the opera

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[1] Nul/le ne… is more sophisticated than Personne ne...

[2] aucun/aucuns are masculine , aucune/aucunes ar feminine

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