La lessive – French laundry terms

La lessive – French laundry terms

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French laundry terms - How do you talk about doing the wash in French? What are the words for washing?

bluing m bleu de lessive
clean m/f propre
clothes line m fil à linge
clothes pin f épingle à linge
damp m/f humide
detergent f lessive
dirty m/f sale
dry m, f sec, sèche
dryer (electric) m sèche-linge
dryer (room) m séchoir
drying rack m étendoir
drying rack (self-standing) m Tancarville
iron m fer à repasser
ironing board f planche à repasser
laundry m linge
laundry room f buanderie
load f machine
softener m assouplissant
stain f tache
stained m/f taché/e
to do the laundry ø faire la lessive
to dry ø sécher
to hang ø étendre
to hang to dry ø faire sécher
to iron ø repasser
to spin ø essorer
to wash ø laver, faire une machine
washing machine, washer f machine à laver, lave-linge
wet m/f mouillé/e
wrinkled m/f froissé/e
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