Music French Vocabulary

Music French Vocabulary

french lexicon

joueur de cornemuse à Saint-Malo
bagpipes player at the corner of a house

What are music terms in French? How are words related to music pronounced in French ? Listen to the AUDIO below -- by a native speaker.

Notes Notes
do (m.) C
ré (m.) D
mi (m.) E
fa (m.) F
sol (m.) G
la (m.) A
si (m.) B
ut (m.) C, same as do
  1. acoustic guitar -- f -- guitare sèche, acoustique
  2. audience -- m -- public
  3. bad singer -- f -- casserole
  4. beat -- m -- rythme
  5. bow -- m -- archet
  6. Breton dance – ‘cause I’m Breton J -- m -- fest-noz
  7. case -- m -- étui
  8. choir -- f -- chorale
  9. chorus -- m -- refrain
  10. clef -- f -- clé, clef
  11. conductor -- m -- chef d'orchestre
  12. cover -- f -- version, reprise (musicale)
  13. dance -- m -- bal
  14. dance -- f -- soirée dansante
  15. dotted half (note) -- f -- blanche pointée
  16. drums -- f -- batterie
  17. eighth note -- f -- croche
  18. electric guitar -- f -- guitare électrique
  19. fiddler -- m -- violoneux**
  20. flat -- m -- bémol
  21. French horn -- m -- cor anglais
  22. gig -- m -- cachet, petit boulot
  23. guitar -- f -- guitare
  24. guitar (fam.) -- f -- gratte
  25. guitar bass -- f -- basse

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**there is no feminine word for “violoneux”as far as I know

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3 comments to Music French Vocabulary

  • Tanya Stewart

    Excellent vocabulary! I am teaching grade 5 music in extended French and really appreciate your site! Mille merci!

  • Susan Barker

    Anne, could you share with us some traditional folk songs? Ones that ‘everyone’ knows..!?

  • What falls under the category “folk song” in France is mostly lullabies such as “Au clair de la lune”, “Frère Jacques” and “À la claire fontaine”. Is this what you meant, Susan? Let me know if you had a particular song in mind, and I’ll do my best to share it with you.


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