Les fruits – Fruit list in French

Fruit list in French

fruit, french

Les belles fraises de Plougastel

How do you talk about fruit in French? How is it pronounced? Here is a list of 15 of them to start you with.

  1. apple -- f -- pomme
  2. apricot -- m -- abricot
  3. banana -- f -- banane
  4. blueberry -- f -- myrtille
  5. cherry -- f -- cerise
  6. coconut -- f -- noix de coco
  7. cranberry -- f -- canneberge, airelle
  8. date -- f -- datte
  9. kiwi fruit -- m -- kiwi
  10. melon -- m -- melon
  11. orange -- f -- orange
  12. peach -- f -- pêche
  13. pineapple -- m -- ananas
  14. strawberry -- f -- fraise
  15. watermelon -- f -- pastèque

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4 comments to Les fruits – Fruit list in French

  • Laura Osipova

    Anne, “limette” is the same as “citron doux”?

    Pardon, as I understood it is “datte” not “date” . Simply there is a mistake in the worksheet…

    Everything is fine, Anne!

  • Laura Osipova

    Je suis dacord, Anne.

    Merci. “limette” is a “sweet lemon” in English, simply I have never heard of it before… There is such, qui!

    Here in Latvia we know: pamelo, clémentine, litchi, kiwi etc.

    “tangerine” is some kind of a mandarine, right?


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