EN French Pronoun

EN French Pronoun


Les oies? Je m'en occupe.

EN - French Pronoun. Le pronom EN - What does EN mean? How is it used in a sentence?

What is EN?

EN is a pronoun. A pronoun replaces a noun, a word or a phrase previously mentioned.

What does it mean?

EN means some, of it/them, from it/them.

Where does it go?

It generally goes right in front of the main verb.

J’en prends. – I’m taking some.


On prend 50 plantes. On en prend 50. We’re taking 50 of them.
Vous voulez des fleurs ? Vous en voulez ? Do you want some?


Français English
J’en veux encore un. I want one more.
J’en ai lu trois. I read three.
Tu n’en achètes pas ? Don’t you buy any?
Est-ce qu’elle en a parlé ? Did she talk about it?
Il n’en conduit pas. He doesn’t drive any.
On en fait beaucoup. We make a lot.

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