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Beginning French – Your first French phrases in 2 weeks


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Je cherche la rue de Rivoli.

Beginning French – Your first French phrases in 2 weeks

Whether you are going to France soon, or you need to get to the next level of class right away, get a kick-start with this survival French list, arranged in alphabetic order.

Take it a little bit at a time. I recommend 10-15 lines a day, and you could be done in 2 weeks.

English Standard French(to people you know well and feel comfortable with)
a city map un plan
a department store un grand magasin
a road map une carte
And you? Et vous ?
Are there any bathrooms? Vous avez des toilettes?
Are you hungry? Tu as faim ?
Are you thirsty? Tu as soif ?
behind derrière
but mais
Can you help me please? Pouvez-vous m'aider s'il vous plaît?
cheap bon marché
Cheers! À ta santé !
Do you have a bigger size? Vous l’avez en plus grand ?
Do you have a smaller size? Vous l’avez en plus petit?
Do you have it in blue? Vous l’avez en bleu ?
Do you have other colors? Vous avez d’autres couleurs ?
Do you know? (a thing, a place) Connais-tu ?
Do you know? (how to) Sais-tu ?
Excuse me. Pardon Madame/Monsieur.
expensive cher, chère
Fine, and you? Bien, et vous ?
Goodbye Au revoir
He’s (really) nice. (behavior) Il est (très) gentil.
He’s (really) nice/handsome. Il est (très) beau.
Hello Bonjour
Here is my (fem. item). Voici ma (chose fem.)
Here is my (masc. item). Voici mon (chose masc.)
Here is my daughter. Voici ma fille.
Here is my father-in-law. Voici mon beau-père.
Here is my husband. Voici mon mari.
Here is my mother-in-law. Voici ma belle-mère.
Here is my son. Voici mon fils.
Here is my wife. Voici ma femme.
How are you? Comment vas-tu ?
How do you say that in French? Comment ça se dit en français ?


Continue with this worksheet and get Everyday, Standard and Formal French and listen to how it's pronounced.


Improve your French quickly in 5 easy steps !

1.You might also be interested in these 2 links – here and here  – of easy translations from one language to the other.

2.Learn these 26 words.

3.Start a running vocabulary list on your favorite table-making software (Word, Excel).

4.Go back to this list regulary. Rearrange it regulary as you see fit, say the words – WTTH the gender – out loud.

5.And this worksheet is about TU and VOUS.

And last but not least, this one might be overwhelming now, but keep it on the back burner.

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