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Why should I learn French – at FRENCH ETC., of course

  • to keep my brains going. Neuroscientists say that is boosts the executive functions of the brain in the frontal lobes – memory, analytic skills and multi-tasking. Even is you’re not looking to be bilingual, you’ll get a lot of benefits of juggling two languages.
  • to challenge myself
  • to widen my horizons
  • to learn how to cook
  • to live in France
  • to understand why the French like crêpes so much
  • to find a new job in Paris
  • to make sure my boss doesn’t fire me after our meeting with les Français
  • to understand my colleagues
  • to better understand my own language
  • to read Voltaire in the text
  • to get the most out of my next vacation
  • to not get lost on the ‘Nationale 7
  • to order delicious pâté instead of dog food
  • to make sure I don’t give my hosts a bouquet of hydrangeas
  • to taste wine and eat Brie cheese
  • to ace my test
  • to travel to more than 50 French-speaking countries
  • to study abroad
  • to have fun
  • to retrace my roots
  • to find out if the French actually bring their dog to the restaurant

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Bonne journée française !

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