Savoir vs. Connaître – To know

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Je sais que je ne te connais pas. I know I don't know you.

Savoir vs. connaître in French

Both verbs SAVOIR and CONNAITRE are often mixed up because they both mean to know.

Savoir means to know how to do something, to know a fact.

Connaître means to know someone, to be familiar with someone or something.

Lots more explanation here

À vous de jouer – Your turn

First, decide if you should choose connaître or savoir to translate “to know” for the following sentences and then, translate the sentences into French.

Translate into French

  1. I don’t know how to speak English.
  2. I know the song.
  3. Do you (fam) know Marion Cotillard ?

Translate into English

  1. Je ne sais pas parler anglais.
  2. Je connais la chanson.
  3. Tu connais Marion Cotillard ?

Réponses - Answers here

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