Linking words in a paragraph

Linking words in a paragraph

marathon in the Medoc, France

C’est un film à propos du marathon du Médoc.

Linking words in a paragraph - Write a coherent paragraph with these connectors

Congratulations! You are at that point where you want to make your story more fluid, more interesting, but you are still missing these linking words and expressions – adverbs, prepositions & conjunctions.

I put together a list that should be enough for you to carry on a nice conversation.

  1. about, concerning .... à propos de
  2. according to .... selon, d’après
  3. actually .... en fait
  4. all things considered  .... tout compte fait
  5. as for .... quant à
  6. at first glance  .... à priori
  7. at the time .... à l’époque
  8. besides, as a matter of fact .... d'ailleurs
  9. by chance  .... par hasard
  10. by the way  .... au fait

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