Expressing a quantity


un litre de moules

Expressing a quantity - Exprimer la quantité

Translate the following sentences. Get the answers and explanation in the Premium worksheet here.

  1. We don’t have a lot of fruit for tonight‘s meal.
  2. I have enough time to eat.
  3. She listens to too much pop music.
  4. He sells so many knick-knacks!
  5. We hear less noise now.
  6. They don’t dream of a vacation in the mountain anymore.
  7. They get more results with a computer.
  8. Will you do a few repair?
  9. Most of the days are spent working.
  10. How many tickets do you have?

More quantity expressions (food and all)

  1. a bar of chocolate .... une tablette de chocolat
  2. a basket of strawberries .... une barquette de fraises
  3. a book of (stamps, addresses) .... un carnet de
  4. a bottle of .... une bouteille de
  5. a box of .... une boîte de
  6. a bunch of asparagus .... une botte d’asperges
  7. a cup of .... une tasse de
  8. a dozen of .... une douzaine de
  9. a garlic clove .... une gousse d’ail
  10. a glass of .... un verre de
  11. a head of lettuce .... une tête de salade
  12. a heap of butter .... une motte de beurre
  13. a kilo of .... un kilo de
  14. a liter of .... un litre de
  15. a pack of .... un paquet de
  16. a piece of .... un morceau de
  17. a pound of .... une livre de
  18. a slice of .... une tranche de
  19. a stick of butter .... une plaquette de beurre
  20. a tube of .... un tube de
  21. an ear of corn, of wheat .... un épi de maïs, de blé
  22. a liter of mussels .... un litre de moules
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