Expressions with ‘pain’

10 expressions with ‘pain’. More on the premium material.

  1. aller au pain*[1] -- to go to bread -- to go and get bread (literal)
  2. avoir du pain sur la planche -- to have bread on the cutting board -- to have a lot to do
  3. ça ne mange pas de pain -- it doesn’t eat any bread -- there’s no harm
  4. ça se vend comme des petits pains -- it sells itself like little breads -- they’re going like hot cakes
  5. enlever le pain de la bouche de quelqu’un -- to take off the bread from someone’s mouth -- to deprive someone of something, of a living
  6. être au pain sec -- to be on the dry bread -- to be in a difficult economic situation
  7. gagner son pain -- to earn your bread -- to earn a living
  8. pour un morceau de pain -- for a piece of bread -- for a song
  9. pour une bouchée de pain -- for a bite of bread -- for a song
  10. un gagne-pain -- an earn-bread -- a living, a job

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[1] * familiar, every day French

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