25 expressions with food

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Il est trop chou.

Expressions sur la nourriture

French food idioms

AUDIO below, with Anne's French accent

à boire et à manger to drink and to eat  a little bit of everything, you have to pick and choose
aller au fourneau to go to the (wood) stove to go to work
avoir du pain sur la planche to have bread on the cutting board to have a lot to do
avoir la banane to have the banana to be really happy, to be upbeat
avoir la patate to have the potato to be really happy, to be energetic
avoir la pêche to have the peach to be really happy, to be positive
avoir le cul (of.) bordé de nouilles to have the ass surrounded with noodles to be very lucky
avoir un cœur d’artichaut to have an artichoke heart to be fickle in love
avoir/prendre de la bouteille to have/take some of the bottle to be/get older
boire du petit lait to drink whey to lap it up
boire un canon to drink a canon to have a drink
c’est pas de la tarte it’s not pie it’s tough, tricky
c’est pas du gâteau it’s not cake it’s not easy, it’s tricky
ça ne mange pas de pain it doesn’t eat any bread it doesn’t cost/hurt anythingit won’t have any consequence
casser du sucre sur son dos to break sugar onto his/her back  to badmouth someone
changer de crèmerie to change dairy store to have a new favorite place to hang out or to shop to, to change opinion
chanter comme une casserole to sing like a saucepan to not be able to carry a tune
comme un cheveu sur la soupe like one hair in the soup to be, feel out of place
couper la poire en deux to cut the pear into two parts to split the difference, to share
cracher dans la soupe to spit in the soup to bite the hand that feeds you
cuisiner quelqu’un to cook someone to question someone (fam)
des tartines open slice of bread tons of
en avoir gros sur la patate to feel fat on the potato to be down in the dumps, to be very sad
en faire des tartines to make open slices of bread out of it to make a scene, to do too much

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That was Anne’s native take on a French expression. Bonne journée française !



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