jour vs. journée, an vs. année, matin vs. matinée, soir vs. soirée

jour vs. journée, etc.

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Le boulanger fait son pain 3 fois par jour.

jour vs. journée, soir vs. soirée, matin vs. matinée, an vs. année - When to use jour or journée, etc. Listen to Anne's audio file.

jour vs. journée day

an vs. année year

matin vs. matinée morning

soir vs. soirée evening

I. The words jour, an, matin and soir - all masculine - don’t deal at all with length and duration.

  • they focus on the specific period of time as units: the date, that year, every morning, one evening, and so on: le jour de l’an, l’an 2000
  • they often come with numbers: les 4 jours de vacances
  • they state an age: j’ai 25 ans
  • they express a frequency: 3 fois par an, 2 fois par jour

In context

1. Bonne nuit. - Have a good night.

2. Je suis née un jour d’hiver. - I was born on a winter day. (any day)

3. J’ai 35 ans. - I’m 35. (35 units of years)

4. Un matin cette semaine, j’irai au marché pour les courses de l’apéro. - Any morning this week, I’ll go to the market to do the groceries for the cocktail.

5. Un soir, il est revenu. - One evening, it came back. (any evening)

6. Charlemagne est devenu empereur en l’an 800. - Charlemagne became emperor the year 800.

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2 comments to jour vs. journée, an vs. année, matin vs. matinée, soir vs. soirée

  • joan wetherell

    Anne, in II, in context, the words are identical to the vocabulary in I. It looks like it was just copied from I by mistake.

    Joan Wetherell

  • Yes, there was a typo. Thank you so much for noticing and letting me know, Joan. The full – and correct – version is up-to-date here.


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