Comparing in French

Comparing in French

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Les meilleures fraises viennent de Plougastel.

Comparing in French - How do you use comparatives and superlatives in French?

Comparatives and superlatives are used to convey the idea of comparing two things or two ideas. Examples in English are: more, more than, less, less than, as much as, as many, the most, the least …


From French to English

  • Je suis plus grande que lui.
    • I’m taller than he is.
  • On mange moins en France.
    • We eat less in France.
  • C’est le plus beau jour de ma vie.
    • It’s the happiest day of my life.

From English to French

  • The more it rains, the less I go out.
    •  Plus il pleut, moins je sors.
  • I love you more and more.
    •   Je t’aime de plus en plus.
  • The more tutorials I take with FRENCH ETC., the more I speak good French.
    • Plus je prends des cours avec FRENCH ETC., plus je parle bien français.

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French Art

Aux arbres citoyens – Yannick Noah

Aux arbres citoyens - Yannick Noah

About French

Ordering a cup of coffee

Ordering a cup of coffee - Commander un café


prendre un café

Ordering a cup of coffee - Commander un café

Petit dialogue

  • S.Bonjour madame.
  • F.Bonjour monsieur. Je vais prendre un petit noir.
  • S.Voilà madame.
  • F.L’addition s’il vous plait.
  • S.Bien, voilà Madame. Cela fait 9,40 €.
  • F.Vous prenez la carte ?
  • S.Oui, bien sûr.
  • F.Voilà !
  • S.Bien, merci Madame. Bonne journée !


  1. f .... addition .... check
  2. m .... américano .... americano .... is an espresso with more water
  3. m .... café au lait .... coffee with milk .... is ordered in the morning, and comes with a steamed milk petit pot for you to add to taste
  4. m .... café crème, petit/grand crème .... coffee with cream .... comes with hot milk
  5. m .... café léger .... light coffee .... has light taste
  6. m .... café serré .... tight coffee .... is an espresso with little water, lighter than an espresso
  7. m .... café, café noir, petit noir .... coffee .... very strong coffee
  8. m .... déca .... decaffeinated coffee .... you might still ask for milk
  9. m .... double espresso, double express .... double espresso .... is an espresso twice the size
  10. m .... édulcorant .... sweetener  .... generally comes with your order
  11. m .... espresso, express .... espresso .... is an espresso
  12. m .... lait .... milk
  13. m .... sucre .... sugar .... comes with your order
  14. m .... verre d’eau .... glass of water

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Les Présidents de la cinquième république

Les Présidents de la cinquième république

The French Fifth Republic started in 1959.

  1. Charles de Gaulle .... 1959-1969
  2. Georges Pompidou .... 1969-1974
  3. Valéry Giscard d’Estaing .... 1974-1981
  4. François Mitterand .... 1981-1995
  5. Jacques Chirac .... 1995-2007
  6. Nicolas Sarkozy .... 2007-2012

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About Paris

Café de Flore à Paris


. Version pour le téléphone .

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About Paris

Café Les deux magots à Paris

. Version pour le téléphone .

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