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AGO = il y a

The easiest way to translate AGO is IL Y A. That’s what we’ll focus on this lesson. And the best way to learn, is to practice.

To practice your knowledge of how to translate AGO in French, translate into the other language. French to English is easier than English to French.


  1. J’ai sauté du plongeoir il y a 5 minutes.
  2. Il y a 1 an que tu es allée en France.
  3. Elle a enseigné ici il y a combien de temps ?
  4. Il y a longtemps, il courait beaucoup.
  5. On ne pense pas souvent qu’il y a 4 siècles, on vivait sans électricité.
  6. Nous avons acheté la maison il y a 5 ans.
  7. Vous êtes rentrés il y a combien de temps ?
  8. Il n’y a pas si longtemps qu’ils sont partis.
  9. Elles ont peint ce tableau ensemble il y a 20 ans.
  10. On s’est vus il y a 3 semaines.


  1. I jumped from the diving board 5 minutes ago.
  2. You went to France 1 year ago.
  3. How long ago since she taught here?
  4. Long ago, he used to run a lot.
  5. We don’t often think that 4 centuries ago, we lived without electricity.
  6. We bought the house 5 years ago.
  7. How long ago did you come back?
  8. It is not so long ago since they left.
  9. They painted this picture together 20 years ago.
  10. We saw each other 3 weeks ago.


il y a = there is, there are – Today’s French

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