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French Labor Day – French expression

le premier mai – Mot du Jour

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le premier mai – the first May. le premier mai is also called ‘la fête du travail’ which means ‘work holiday’, or ‘labor day’. le premier mai is ‘May Day’ or ‘French Labor Day’. It is celebrated on May 1 every year. French workers and Unions march in the streets of all major cities after they bought a twig of lily of the valley.

  • « Le premier mai, c’est la fête du travail. On achète un brin de muguet, on va au défilé des syndicats, et ensuite, on passe la journée avec les potes. »
  • “ May Day is Labor Day. We buy a lily of the valley, we march with the unions, and then we spend the day with our friends .”

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Le premier mai – May 1 in France

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