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fumer la moquette – French expression

fumer la moquette - French expression


île saint-Louis

What does the French expression ‘ fumer la moquette mean? How is it used in a sentence?

fumer la moquette - to smoke the carpeting. fumer la moquette means two things. First, it means to smoke pot. I'm not sure where that comes from. Is it because you're ready to smoke carpeting if you don't have pot anymore, or is it that carpeting looks like grass?

Anyway, this expression is fairly new. Its second meaning, gaining popularity, is that someone is out of it, delusional.

  • « Ils disent que leur retraite va leur payer un appart sur l'Île Saint Louis. Ils ont fumé la moquette. »
  • "They say their retirement plan is going to get them a condo on the Île Saint Louis (in Paris). They're delusional."

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