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What does lundimanche mean? How is it pronounced? How is lundimanche used in a sentence. Listen to Anne, repeat after her. Learn French at FrenchHour.com

Covid-19 has created a tragic situation and I want to reiterate how much we’re grateful to all who are going to work despite the crisis. My thoughts are also with those who lost loved ones. I was listening to the radio yesterday, and the journalist was talking about this new words in French, due to coronavirus. With the coronavirus lockdown, every day seems like it’s Sunday. The French renamed all the days of the week with a portmanteau word – un mot-valise. They blended the last syllable of the day – DI – and added dimanche to it.

It goes as follows:

  1. lundimanche
  2. mardimanche
  3. mercredimanche
  4. jeudimanche
  5. vendredimanche
  6. samedimanche
  7. dimanche

Of course, there is no translation for these fun words. I’m hesitating between MondaySunday, TuesdaySunday, MonSunday, TuesSunday or SundayMon, SundayTues… Or maybe just Day: today is Day.

  • « J’ai envie de vous voir. On se fait un coronapéro lundimanche ou mardimanche ? »
    • ‘I’d love to see you guys. How about a video-cocktail on MonSunday or TueSunday?’

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