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Wine vocabulary – Today’s French at FrenchHour

Wine Vocabulary – Today’s French

Les termes pour le vin

Le vin est un vrai plaisir, lorsque dégusté en compagnie de bons amis. Pour ma part, je préfère le rouge.

Wine is a real pleasure when enjoyed in the company of good friends. As for me, I prefer red wine. What about you, what is your preferred wine? In any case, whatever the wine you drink is, here is a list for you to talk about it well. It’s short and can be memorized. If you need more you can get the full unique list I put together with words you won’t find elsewhere. After you work on vocabulary, you get to practice with the fun exercises I created in the premium lesson. Get it, it’s risk-free to become a premium member at FrenchHour.com

Short List

  1. bottle …. f …. bouteille
  2. cork …. m …. bouchon
  3. drink …. f …. boisson
  4. glass …. m …. verre
  5. grape …. m …. raisin
  6. grape harvest, picking …. f/p …. venda nge/s
  7. shade, color …. f …. robe
  8. smell, aroma …. m …. arôme
  9. sommelier, wine butler …. m …. sommelier
  10. strong wine …. m …. vin corsé
  11. varietal  …. m …. cépage
  12. vineyard …. m …. vignoble
  13. vintage year …. m …. millésime
  14. wine …. m …. vin
  15. wine tasting …. f …. dégustation

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