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Verbs With No Preposition – Today’s French

Les verbes français sans préposition

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This is a list of 7 common verbs that, in French, have no preposition when followed by a noun or a direct object. However, in English, they do require a preposition. Yikes!

J’attends le train. I’m waiting for the train.

It may sound silly to spend time on these verbs. But I want you to have the right reflex and sound more fluent in French. That’s one step in the right direction.

  1. attendre …. to wait for
  2. chercher …. to look for
  3. demander …. to ask for
  4. descendre …. to bring down
  5. écouter …. to listen to
  6. emmener …. to take along

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Exercice – Practice

Read the sentence in French, translate it into English and check your answers here.

How many sentences did you get right?


  1. J’aperçois la montagne.
  2. J’attends le bus.
  3. Je cherche la rue Leprince.
  4. Je demande un renseignement.
  5. Je descends la caisse.
  6. J’écoute l’émission.
  7. J’emmène mes enfants.


  1. I’m getting a glimpse of the mountain.
  2. I’m waiting for the bus.
  3. I’m looking for Leprince Street.
  4. I’m asking for a piece of information.
  5. I’m bringing the box down.
  6. I’m listening to the show.
  7. I’m taking the children along.

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