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Combination of Letters – Today’s French at FrenchHour

Combination Of Letters – Today’s French

Combinaison de lettres en français

This lesson is an excerpt of Week 3 of Anne’s ‘French 1 – A1’ course, a 30-week French course for the total  French beginner.

Les mots en français ne sont pas toujours intuitifs.

The French alphabet has 26 letters, just like in English. However, French words don’t always look the way they sound. They may combine letters to make a new sound.

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For instance,

EAU is pronounced O, such as in

EAU –> water

BEAU –> beautiful

CU is pronounced KU, such as in

CUBE –> cube

but ÇU is pronounced SU, such as in

REÇU –> received

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Exercice – Practice

Which one sounds like the bold-letter choice? Decide between 1. and 2.

  1. an sounds like
    1. the EI in eight
    2. the UM in bump
  2. ça sounds like
    1. ka
    2. sa
  3. -tie sounds like
    1. see
    2. tea

Réponses – Answers

  1. an sounds like
    • the UM in bump
  2. ça sounds like
    • sa
  3. -tie sounds like
    • see

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