Un café suspendu – Today’s French at Frenchhour

Un Café Suspendu – Today’s French

A suspended coffee – French dictation

A “dictée” is the transcription of a spoken text. This dictation is going to help you improve your French vocabulary, your understanding of the structure of sentences and your listening comprehension as well.

En français

Un café suspendu – Dictée

J’ai perdu mon boulot il y a deux ans. Je suis au RSA et j’ai bien du mal à joindre les deux bouts. Je n’ai pas trop la pêche en ce moment. Pourtant, aujourd’hui, et malgré le froid, on m’a vraiment réchauffé le cœur…

In English

A suspended coffee – French dictation

I lost my job two years ago. I get an income support from the government and it’s hard to make ends meet. I’m kind of down these days. However, today, and despite the cold, something warmed my heart up….

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