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une dinde – French expression

une dinde - French expression


une dinde, quatre dindes

What does the French expression ' une dinde ' mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne Audio.

une dinde. The word 'dinde' means 'turkey hen'. It's also a horrible term to describe a stupid woman, and only a woman, though. French is not as gender neutral as English is. There's the word 'goose, silly goose' to translate une dinde, however dinde doesn't mean 'silly' at all, it just means plain stupid. A dummy, maybe?

  • « C'est pas la peine de lui demander quoi que ce soit, à cette dinde-là. Elle [n']a rien dans le ciboulot. »
    "It's not worth asking this dummy anything. She has nothing upstairs."

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