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Savoir déguster le vin – Advanced podcast

Savoir déguster le vin - Advanced podcast


Beaujolais wine and glass

Savoir déguster le vin – Knowing how to taste wine – Advanced French – Learn French with Anne’s AUDIO.

Today’s is called: “Savoir déguster le vin – Knowing how to taste wine”. That Thursday, the third in November, it was the yearly release of the Beaujolais nouveau wine. France went to a wine tasting class for the occasion. She loved it and tells us about what she learned about how to appreciate wine. There seems to be 4 steps to it. Find them out with the AUDIO and the companion worksheet.

In the companion worksheet – 11 pages

  • text
  • translation
  • wine terms
  • 2 verbs - SENTIR and RESSENTIR
  • demonstrative pronouns such as CELLE, CELUI AND CEUX (THE ONE/S)
  • practice

Text excerpt – transcribe it and check your answers

Savoir déguster le vin

À l’occase de la sortie du Beaujolais nouveau, le troisième jeudi de novembre, la cave de mon quartier avait organisé un cours pour savoir comment déguster le vin. Je dois dire que j’étais vraiment...

Get the worksheet here

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