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Balais – French expression

Balais French expression


un balai, une sorcière, un chapeau

What does the French word ‘balais mean? How is it used in a sentence?

balais - brooms. In today's French, the word balais is used to talk about someone's age. It generally describes an older person, one with many balais - years of age. Careful though, it's pretty familiar language, use it in the right context - with friends, colleagues, not at your job interview.

  • « Il n’a pas pu finir le marathon. Mais il avait au moins 83 balais, alors, chapeau quand même. »
  • “He couldn’t finish the marathon. But he was at least 83, so 'Hats off' to him anyway.”

More expressions with the word balai:

  1. Du balai ! - Go away!
  2. un coup de balai - a wiping out
  3. con (cuss word) comme un balai - very dumb, very thick
  4. avoir un balai dans le derrière (vulgar - cul) - to be stuffy

Try using this expression at least 3 times today.

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