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un immortel, une immortelle – French expression

un immortel, une immortelle - French expression

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What does the French expression " immortel, immortelle " mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne's AUDIO.

un immortel, une immortelle is the nickname given to French académicien/nes - do not mix up with an académicyen/ne, which ironically is a member of Star Academy, a reality TV show. French académiciens are called immortels - immortals - because of the motto of the Académie Française: "To Eternity". The Académie Française was created in 1635 and has 40 members. Its purpose is to regulate French vocabulary and grammar. They publish a dictionary which is supposed to be the authority on the language.

  • « Simone Veil, survivante de la Shoah et une des femmes politiciennes préférée des Français est devenue immortelle en mars 2010. »
  • "Simone Veil, a Holocaust survivor and one of the favorite Female politicians in France became immortal in March 2010."

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