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La préparation des jeux olympiques - French expression



La préparation des jeux olympiques - Learn even more French with this very advanced post featuring French people talking about a particular topic and Anne’s worksheets.

Welcome to this very advanced Podcast called Le français tel quel – French as it is – where you hear regular French people talk, and where you learn vocabulary and grammar along with it in the companion worksheet that you can get on the Web site. Le français tel quel features videos & audios of real French people talking, because we know that ‘French as it is’ isn’t always clear: people seems to speak fast and eat their words. We try to break it down and make it easier for you to get authentic French.

Let’s go back to 2005, when London was getting ready of the Olympic Games. This newsreel relates the different steps of the British city for the big 2012 events. Listen to the news report, go through the vocabulary, and study sports, facts about numbers and talking about days in the Premium worksheet.

In the companion worksheet –  13 pages

  • text
  • translation
  • Facts about French numbers
  • sports terms
  • expressions about sports
  • disabled and adaptative sports
  • talking about days
  • practice on all of the above

Text excerpt – Transcribe it first and check your answers

La préparation des jeux olympiques - 6 juillet 2005, Londres est sélectionné pour les jeux olympiques 2012. L’euphorie est de courte durée : le lendemain...






. Regardez la vidéo sur Youtube .


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