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Qu’est-ce que tu fiches ? – Advanced French

Qu’est-ce que tu fiches ?

Qu’est-ce que tu fiches ? - What the heck are you doing? – Advanced French – Learn French with Anne’s AUDIO.

France is slightly impatient today, as she is waiting for her roommate to get ready so they can go to work on time. She uses tons of colloquial expressions and we’ll use her monolog to improve our French.

In the companion worksheet – 7 pages

  • text
  • translation
  • daily routine vocabulary, from morning to night
  • review spatial prepositions such as among and underneath
  • the agreement of passé composé- Elle s’est lavée vs. Elle s’est lavé les dents
  • three uses of FAIRE, FICHER AND FOUTRE which range from proper French to pretty offensive French
  • practice

Text excerpt – transcribe it and check your answers

Qu'est-ce que tu fiches ?

 Mais qu’est-ce que tu fiches ?

Mais qu’esse [qu’est-ce que] tu fiches ? Je poireaute depuis...


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