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Pouvoir d’Achat – French Pop Song

Pouvoir d'Achat - French Pop Song


Learn French with Anne and this pop song. It’s called ' Pouvoir d'Achat ' and it's sung by La Chanson du Dimanche.

Vous demandez-vous ce que vous feriez si vous aviez beaucoup d’argent ? Et bien, La Chanson du Dimanche le sait. Ils vont acheter des écrans plats, des objets sans fil et ils paieront pour l’hospice de Pépé.

Are you wondering what you could do if you had a lot of money ? Well, La Chanson du Dimanche does. They’ll buy flat screens, wireless items and will pay for GrandPa’s nursing home.

In the companion worksheet – 11 pages

  • whole song
  • translation
  • sales terms in French
  • the conditional mode
  • practice

Song excerpt – challenge yourself – transcribe the lyrics

Ben heu, tu ferais quoi ?...Well uh, what would you do?

Si j´avais le pouvoir d´achat...If I had the buying power


J´achèterais plein d´objets sans fil...I would buy lots of wireless items


J´achèterais un écran plat...I would buy a flat screen


La vie serait plus facile...Life would be easier



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