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un vrai nounours – French expression

un vrai nounours - French expression


un vrai nounours

What does the French expression ' un vrai nounours ' mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne Audio.

un nounours is a teddy bear - un vrai nounours - a true teddy bear. un vrai nounours means 'a real gem'. Beware, it's not to be mixed up with 'un vrai ours' - a real bear - which means 'a real boor', a person who isn't sociable. un vrai nounours is used to describe a person who is really sweet, going along with everything easily. I also often here it to describe a cute plump puppy.

  • « Tu peux lui demander ce service. Il a l'air bourru comme ça ; mais en fait, c'est un vrai nounours. »
  • "You can ask him for that favor. He seems rough around the edges, but in fact, he's a real gem."

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