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Kindness Vocabulary

Kindness Vocabulary

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Kindness l Photo Gilles Klein

What are the terms about kindness? How do you talk about it? How do you pronounce these words in French? Listen to Anne's French accent

assistance f assistance
benevolence f bienfaisance
charitable m/f charitable
charity f charité
charity organization f assoce caritative, association caritative
compassion, sympathy f compassion
compassionate, sympathetic m, f compatissant, compatissante
concern f sollicitude
congratulation m compliment
considerate m, f prévenant, prévenante
cuddle m, f câlin, câline
devotion m dévouement
empathy f empathie
friendly m/f aimable
friendly in a formal way, amicable m/f affable
gentle, soft m, f doux, douce
gentleness f douceur
gently ø doucement
good m, f bon, bonne
goodness f bonté

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