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Grape harvest Festival in Montmartre

Grape harvest Festival in Montmartre



What's the Grape harvest Festival - La Fête des Vendanges?

La Fête des Vendanges has been held in celebration of Montmartre since 1934. That first year, the famous actor Fernandel co-hosted the Grape Harvest Festival. Montmartre is located in the 18th arrondissement, a quaint and popular neighborhood of Paris. La Butte[1] – the hill – is a story in and of itself. Although officially the 18th arrondissement of Paris, it has always claimed its independence. It has its own Republic, and a government of its own. In the 1920s, the Free Commune of the Old Montmartre was created.

The Fête des Vendanges lasts for about a week in October. It has a different theme every year. In 2010, the theme was humor. It has two showbiz-star patrons and a queen. All the proceeds from the harvest go back to the Social Committee for the 18th arrondissement.

The tradition of wine making in Paris probably dates back from the Roman Empire. Until beginning in the eighteenth century, the nuns of the Abbaye de Montmartre received the proceeds of the harvest. While the winery disappeared soon after with the expansion of Paris, it re-appeared in the 1930s thanks to cartoonist and hard-core Montmartrois[2] Poulbot who replanted the vine stock in order to save the historical essence of the neighborhood.

Every year, la Fête des Vendanges produces 1,500 bottles of their grand cru[3] le ‘Clos Montmartre’. It is a pretext for a weeklong cultural, musical and food festival.

[1] the other name for Montmartre

[2] resident of Montmartre

[3] the ‘Clos Montmartre’ is not a grand cru. However, Montmartrois are very proud of their wine.

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