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de chez – French expression

de chez - French expression

What does the French expression de chez mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne Audio.

chez most often means at someone's place:

...chez France, chez moi, chez eux

Sometimes, it means among:

...chez les jeunes - among the young people

or in the works of

...chez Gauguin - in the works of Gauguin

But today, I want you to know this new fun expression. de chez is often used with an adjective repeated twice - before and after - such as bleu de chez bleu. It means "really really blue". It's used when you want to insist on something.

  • « Il est sorti de l'eau et elle était tellement froide qu'il avait les lèvres bleues de chez bleu. »
  • "He came out of the water and it was so cold that his lips were really really blue."

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Try using this expression at least once today.


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