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gagner sa croûte – French expression

gagner sa croûte – French expression

french, learn frenchWhat does the French expression ‘gagner sa croûte’ mean? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne.

gagner sa croûte – to earn your crust. The crust refers to bread crust. The expression gagner sa croûte is similar to gagner son pain and it means to earn a living and it generally applies to a blue collar job. GAGNER is a regular –ER verb.

  • « Les temps sont durs et il ne gagne pas suffisamment sa croûte pour acheter une maison. »
  • "Times are hard and he doesn’t earn a good enough living to buy a house."

French verb tenses and modes

imparfait : Il gagnait sa croûte

futur : Il gagnera sa croûte

present conditional: Il gagnerait sa croûte

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