Kiffer – To Love, to like – French verb conjugated

Kiffer – To Love, to like – Verbe Conjugué


Je kiffe les JO. I love the Olympics.

KIFFER – Verbe Conjugué – French verb conjugated – How is this verb – to love and to like in English – conjugated? What does it sound like? KIFFER is modern French. 

KIFF- is the root of the verb

-ER is the ending of the verb

Indicatif - Indicative Mode  .... statements

présent .... present tense

je kiffe .... I love*

je ne kiffe pas .... I don’t love

je kiffe .... I love

tu kiffes .... you love

elle kiffe .... she loves

il kiffe .... he/it loves

on kiffe .... we love

nous kiffons .... we love

vous kiffez .... you love

elles kiffent .... they love

ils kiffent .... they love

 *also I’m loving…

imparfait .... imperfect

je kiffais .... I used to love*

je ne kiffais pas .... I didn’t use to love

je kiffais .... I used to love

tu kiffais .... you used to love

elle kiffait .... she used to love

il kiffait .... he/it used to love

on kiffait .... we used to love

nous kiffions .... we used to love

vous kiffiez .... you used to love

elles kiffaient .... they used to love

ils kiffaient .... they used to love

 •also I was loving, I would love…

passé composé .... preterite, present perfect

j’ai kiffé .... I loved*

je n’ai pas kiffé .... I didn’t love

j’ai kiffé .... I loved

tu as kiffé .... you loved

elle a kiffé .... she loved

il a kiffé .... he/it loved

on a kiffé .... we loved

nous avons kiffé .... we loved

vous avez kiffé .... you loved

elles ont kiffé .... they loved

ils ont kiffé .... they loved

 *also I have loved…

futur simple .... future tense

je kifferai .... I will love

je ne kifferai pas .... I won’t love

je kifferai .... I will love

tu kifferas .... you will love

elle kiffera .... she will love

il kiffera .... he/it will love

on kiffera .... we will love

nous kifferons .... we will love

vous kifferez .... you will love

elles kifferont .... they will love

ils kifferont .... they will love

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2 comments to Kiffer – To Love, to like – French verb conjugated

  • Tania

    Hi Anne,
    Just a comment. When I was studying in Caen, all my younger French friends loved teaching me slang words. They thought it was hilarious to teach me “je kiffe grave” and “je kiffe grave sa race, quoi”. But I’m not sure if kiffer would be appropriate for me, now that I’m older? Would you agree?

    • Bonjour Tania,
      When is slang appropriate? That’s always a big question. My rule of thumb is: if you have a question if you should use slang in a particular context, don’t use it. That said, keep in mind that there are several types of slang. For instance, saying “Je kiffe grave” is not offensive. However, “Je kiffe grave sa race” is more edgy. And anything offensive, I would never use. Check out my French slang list here.
      Merci Tania – j’adore votre question.



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