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les soldes – French expression

les soldes - French expression


faire les soldes

What does the French expression ' les soldes ' mean? What does it sound like? How is it used in a sentence? Listen to Anne Audio.

les soldes – the discount sales. France has sales only twice a year, in January and in June/July. Learn more in the link below. Les soldes used this way is masculine and plural. un solde – masculine singular – means a bank account balance or an outstanding balance for a bill. Une solde – feminine singular –  is a military salary.

When looking for bargains during the sales periods, use FAIRE (click below), an irregular verb.

  • « Je vais faire les soldes en ville samedi aprème. Tu viendras avec moi ? »
  • "I’m going to take advantage of the sales downtown on Saturday afternoon. Will you come with me?"

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