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Liaisons Practice

Liaisons Practice


La prononciation du H - la horloge ou l'horloge

Liaisons Practice - Review the French liaisons and practice here, with Anne's AUDIO.

Do you say the liaison?

You know that French words follow the rules of liaison. Review them here or here as a premium member.

Decide if there is a liaison or not.

  1. dernier ø arrêt or dernierarrêt
  2. avant ø hier or avanthier
  3. le ø yaourt or l’yaourt
  4. dix ø huîtres or dixhuîtres
  5. la ø horloge or l’horloge
  6. un ø ami or unami


no liaison liaison has to be made
un ø yaourt, le ø yaourt  
  unehorloge, l’horloge

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