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Typing in French

How is typing in French - accents and symbols - done? How do you do a Euro sign in French?

Even though it might seem more work than it’s worth, I encourage you to practice learning how to type in French. I do it all the time. It was tedious at first, but I don’t even think twice about it now. It has become second nature. I hope it will for you too.

You may want to get the pdf version of this page. It's easier to read.

Example to type an ‘à’ 


à option+` then a
á option+e then a
â option+i then a
è option+` then e
é option+e then e
ê option+i then e
ë option+u then e
ì option+` then i
í option+e then i
î option+i then i
ï option+u then i
ó option+e then o
ô option+i then o
ù option+` then u
ú option+e then u
û option+i then u
ç option+c
œ option+q
ø option+o
± option+shift +
° option+shift 8
option+shift 2


Some PC computers work this way.

à è ì ù CTRL+` the letter
á é í ó ú CTRL+’ the letter
â ê î ô û CTRL+SHIFT+^ the letter
ä ë ï ö ü CTRL+SHIFT+: the letter
œ CTRL+SHIFT+& the letter
ç CTRL+SHIFT+, the letter

Other PC computer work this way

à Alt + 133
â Alt + 131
ç Alt + 135
Ç Alt + 128
é Alt + 130
è Alt + 138
ê Alt + 136
î Alt + 140

I am sure there are other ways. You might find this video helpful.

Please don't hesitate to leave a reply if you know of other ways, or it there are signs that I might have forgotten.

Merci, Anne

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  • mike williams (@memeweaver)

    If you’re using a PC with a US English keyboard, then change to using the US-International keyboard layout. That will allow you to compose accented characters without remembering special codes. You can easily toggle between regular and international in everyday use.

    I won’t specify a how-to link as there are thousands to choose from.



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