Present -IR verbs – French conjugation

Present -IR verbs

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Je finis le déjeuner.

How to French present -IR verbs work?

Verbes en -IR – Présent

Most verbs ending in –IR have the following endings added to the stem

  • je/j’ (I) –is
  • tu (you sing.) –is
  • elle (she) –it
  • il (he) –it
  • on (we inf.) –it
  • nous (we form.) –issons
  • vous (you pl.) –issez
  • ils (they m.) –issent
  • elles (they f.) –issent

In context

  1. Je finis le déjeuner. -- I am finishing lunch.
  2. Il obéit au chef. -- He follows the chef’s orders.
  3. Nous choisissons un hôtel dans le 6ième arrondissement. -- We are choosing a hotel in the 6th arrondissement.
  4. Ils réfléchissent à l’offre. -- They are thinking about the offer.

10 verbs in this category for you to start with

  1. choisir  .... to choose
  2. finir .... to finish
  3. grandir .... to get bigger
  4. obéir .... to follow so.’s order, to obey
  5. punir .... to punish
  6. réfléchir .... to think about, to ponder
  7. remplir .... to fill
  8. réunir .... to join, to reunite
  9. réussir .... to succeed
  10. saisir .... to seize, to type in

Other rules for the present tense in French

Full French conjugations

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