Present tense – Verbs like COURIR – Formation


Il court toujours sur le court.

Verbs like COURIR – Present tense

How do French verbs like COURIR work?

Verbs like COURIR have the following endings added to the stem.

  • je/j’ (I) –s
  • tu (you sing.) –s
  • elle (she) –t
  • il (he) –t
  • on (we inf.) –t
  • nous (we form.) –ons
  • vous (you pl.) –ez
  • ils (they m.) –ent
  • elles (they f.) –ent

In context

  1. On court toujours. .... We are running all the time.
  2. Vous secourez qui dans votre assoce ? .... Who do you assist in your organization?
  3. Ils parcourent le texte. .... They go over the text.


There are only 3 verbs in this category for you to remember

  1. courir .... to run
  2. parcourir .... to go over, to tour
  3. secourir .... to help, to assist

Other rules for the present tense in French

Full French conjugations

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